Activities on the Farm

There are plenty of fun things to do at our farm besides the petting zoo! Check out our family friendly activities below.

GET LOST! our maze.

Our hedge maze is 7000 sq ft! It is similar to a corn maze, but much cleaner and more accessible for those with wheels. Take on the challenge of twists, turns, loop backs and dead ends! How fast can you finish the maze? Watch out! There could be surprises in the maze.

Stickers are cool but have you seen an airbrush tattoo? Everyone gets one airbrush tattoo for free! You and your friends can sport some matching tattoos or whichever one of your choice! They last up to a whole week!


Get Inked!

Boing! Boing! Boing!

Bounce around on our Bouncy Horses! Race each other to the other side!


Archery has become a very popular attraction included with admission. Aspire to be a master ninja or Robin Hood with some target practice. We have two sizes of bows, a child's and an adult's. Be sure to follow the archery rules and we've included instructions for learning how to shoot the bow and arrow. Archery is recommended for ages 8+ due to the strength required to draw the bow.


TARGET PRACTICE  ...Let 'r fly

Take the kids for ride around the yard in the Rickshaw - Horse Carriage! Don't forget to trade places... parents need a ride too! We also have the traditional horse shoe throwing game!

Horsing Around!

Visit the Market

Take a quick walk and grab some ice cream, cold drinks or snacks next door at Don-O-Ray Farm Market! Select some fresh produce picked daily from the farm and take it back to Don-O-Ray Farm Adventure for a family picnic at our tables! Forgot to grab a few things for dinner tonight? The Farm Market has lots of fresh produce to choose from to save you a trip!