Petting Zoo

At Don-O-Ray Farm Adventure, you can hop right in with our animals for a close-up experience with the family! Enjoy a variety of encounters with animals.

Meet the Goats!

Visit Billy's House and meet the goats! Our quirky goats LOVE attention and food! You can step right into their pen and give them all the back scratches, brushes, and not to mention snacks! They love it all and they can't wait to make new friends with you!

Haley the Pony!

Our pony, Haley, loves to be pampered with attention and food served from your hand. She's very gentle and also thinks she's a princess. She would love to meet more princes and princesses too! Come make friends with our Shetland pony at the Lil' Red Barn!

Check in at the Chick-Inn!

Our chickens all have their own silly personalities and lots to say (especially the roosters!). You can pet a super soft Afro-wearing Silkie chicken!

Quack, Quack!

Waddling around at our Quack Shack are the ducks! Come see our colourful ducks and watch them zip down their water slide! Feed them right from the palm of your hand for a chance to feel their smooth bills!

Hippity Hop!

Check out Hoppyville and meet our cuddly bunnies! Hop with them inside their enclosure and pet the bunnies of all colours!


Come say hi to our sheep family! The sheep are very friendly and love being fed! It's never a baaad idea to share some snacks and spend some time with the sheep!

Fancy Peafowl!

Come say hello to our fancy pair of peafowl! These birds look like they have hopped straight out of a magic storybook.